Vol. 4 (2010)

Editors: Michael Stephan and Wolfgang Kerber

The yearbook Strategic Competence-Management, Volume 4, 2010 was originally published by Rainer Hampp Verlag.

The 4th volume of the Journal of “Competence-based Strategic Management” deals with the issue of ‘Ambidexterity: Keeping the Balance between Resource Exploration and Exploitation’. To keep this balance is considered to be a critical organizational challenge in the resource- and competence-based view in management, since it implies the domestication of a trade-off relationship. Resource exploration and exploitation are two fundamentally different patterns of activities within organizations that require conflicting capabilities. Over the last two decades, the trade-off between exploration and exploitation has emerged to one of the epicenters of competence-based management research. The leitmotif has been addressed by many authors with different perspectives and varying research questions. Though, there are still gaps in understanding ambidexterity. This volume therefore centers on this phenomenon and tries to establish a clearer understanding of ambidexterity. On the one hand, it provides a forum for taking stock and conducting a synopsis of the results in the existing body of literature on ambidexterity. On the other hand, the volume tackles open questions and shortcomings in the current research on the topic, e. g. basics in building the theoretical construct, empirical insights and network ambidexterity.

Published: 2010-01-01

Research article