About the Journal

The "Journal of Competences, Strategy & Management" (JCSM) is positioned as an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal, which publishes volumes on a biennial basis. Since 2021 (Vol. 11), the Journal of Competences, Strategy and Management is a “Gold Open Access Journal.”

The JCSM provides a forum for academic contributions to the issues of organizational competences and capabilities at the interface between strategic management and organization studies. It addresses the topic of managing competences (organizational capabilities) and competencies (skills) from a strategic management perspective. The journal follows an interdisciplinary approach, in which scholars from diverse management fields (e.g., strategy, organization studies, technology & innovation management, human resource management, and leadership studies) contribute to advance our understanding as to how organizations manage their capabilities. In the face of volatile, complex and uncertain conditions in business environments, the journal particularly invites papers that address those competences (e.g. routines for environmental analysis) and competencies (e.g. managerial skills) that respond to these challenges.

Theory development and application plays a role in the journal as well. Being open to any kind of theoretical background, JCSM is particularly interested in the resource-based view of the firm, the dynamic capability view, and the competence-based theory. The JCSM invites, both, conceptual/methodological as well as empirical (qualitative and quantitative) contributions. The journal covers all private, public and not-for-profit organizations’ theories, competences and capabilities.

JCSM has been founded in 2007, originally entitled "Jahrbuch Strategisches Kompetenz-Management". In 2014, it has been transformed into a full peer-reviewed journal entitled "Journal of Competence-Based Strategic Management." In 2017, the journal has been renamed to "Journal of Competences, Strategy & Management," to embrace contributions from different theoretical perspectives. Since 2021, the JCSM is published as a full open-access journal.

JCSM is ranked "C" in VHB-Rating 2024 (ORG).

Current Issue

This special issue has been edited by Birgit Renzl, Christian Mahringer and Martin Rost.

Published: 2021-12-16


Organizational Agility: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities

Birgit Renzl, Christian Mahringer, Martin Rost, Lena Scheible
Abstract 1576 | PDF Downloads 2421

Page 1-10

Research article

Rethinking the Agility Puzzle – Toward an Understanding of Endogenous Dynamics in Becoming Agile

Florian Ritter, Anja Danner-Schröder, Gordon Müller-Seitz
Abstract 677 | PDF Downloads 837

Page 1-14

Toward a Process-Oriented Model of Organizational Agility: A Dynamic Capability Perspective

Anna-Theresa Walter, Sebastian Raetze
Abstract 618 | PDF Downloads 816

Page 1-20