Organizational Agility: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities



Published Dec 16, 2021
Birgit Renzl Christian Mahringer Martin Rost Lena Scheible


In this introduction to the special issue on organizational agility, we carve out central challenges in research on organizational agility. More specifically, we suggest that (a) scholars have used a variety of definitions of organizational agility, (b) the agility concept has evolved in different communities that lack joint knowledge development, and (c) the term agility has been used to refer to different empirical phenomena (i.e., methods versus capability of an organization). Rather than suggesting the unification of theoretical and methodological approaches, this special issue provides a forum to embrace different theoretical and empirical approaches to advance the understanding of organizational agility. The editorial provides an overview of the contributions in the special issue and carves out possible avenues for future research.

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Renzl, B., Mahringer, C., Rost, M., & Scheible, L. (2021). Organizational Agility: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities. Journal of Competences, Strategy & Management, 11, 1–10.
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organizational agility, agility, agile, capabilities, flexibility, adaptability, change